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Yateen Gharat

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  • Hydrate your body two days prior to the trek, which means almost tripple your water intake to avoid Dehydration.

  • Acquire good quality sports or trekking shoes for trekking( remember it is long term investment) Since your feet need maximum protection while trekking in rugged rocky terrain, While climbing up one can keep shoe laces little bit loose( not too much ,just a bit), and while climbing down one can tighten the shoe laces to preventing your toes from brushing harshly against inside front of your shoes,( not too much tight but bit tighter than usual) .One must choose the SHOE SIZE HALF NUMBER BIGGER THAN YOUR NORMAL NUMBER ,It would be really uncomfortable if one choose shoe size one number smaller than actual shoe size. One can end up with sore fingers and blisters at the end of trek. To avoid BLISTERS One can wear double socks, First wear thin nylon one, then wear thick Turkish sock, this will definitely prevent blisters. to avoid sweat allergy Always sprinkle boric or Neosporin or micoderm ( any anti fungal powder will do.) powder before wearing sock. ONE MUST NEVER DO A TREK WITHOUT SOCKS.

  • While trekking one must wear Full sleeves T-Shirt And loose track pant or loose trousers, Full sleeves T-Shirt to avoid sun burns, scratches from rough rock edges thorny plants Mosquito/insects bites etc. Loose trouser is to enable free movement of legs during trekking.

  • Always carry your personal medicine kit , which must have all the medicines you need for any specific Ailment. For e.g. if you are allergic to dust or smoke You must carry medicine pertaining to that, Consult your Doctor for guidance on this subject he will be more than happy to help you out. Apart from personal medicines one must carry regular medical kit.( see Archieve -Medical-Kit.)

  • Just before you enroll for any trek Enquire with organizers-: Name of trek, Region of trek, Geographical location of trek, Nearest land mark or Railway station, Travelling rout starting from Bombay e.g. Bombay-Panvel-Khandala etc., The grade of trek e.g. Easy-Difficult-Very Difficult etc. , Approximate climbing up time, Climbing down time , Any shelter on top of the mountain for e.g. Cave or Temple ,Village, Dharma shala, Hotel etc. Availability of food facility On top en-rout or at base village, The Range of Mobile frequency, Contact person name and Number who is conducting trek ,Pick up and dropping points in Bombay. With this information your guardians will be at peace Since they will know where exactly you have gone and approximately when you will be back in Bombay and whom to contact in case of delay for any reasons.

  • In case you are carrying your Camera or Mobile phone with you, Make sure you carry enough supply of plastic waterproof bags. To protect your electronic gadgets From torrential rains First switch it off and separate battery pack then put it in plastic bag, then cover them with cotton cloth to avoid moisturizing, then again put double plastic bag cover ,seal the plastic bag tightly so occasional water droplets or fog does not invade your bags. In case in spite of all these precautions your gadget gets wet then by any chance do not attempt to switch it on, just wait until you get back home and then use Hair dryer to dry it thoroughly and after, only couple of hours attempt to switch it ON, If it works BRAVO, If it isn't HARDLUCK, rush to nearest dealer, and prepare for Big bill.

  • Once you start Trek along with entire Group try and get your NATURAL RHYTHEM of walking, never attempt to walk too fast or too slow this can lead towards premature Fatigue, When we start walking during trek, our body reacts to it little differently, when we attempt to put lot of sudden stress on our leg muscles It tends to tire faster, so give it slow start and allow our muscles some time to get used to the kind of stress you are going to put on them. When we tend to overstress any muscle ,There is a gradual build up of Lactic Acid in the muscles, which is then flushed by filtering process of oxygenated blood, during this detoxifying process one feels sever acidity build up in stomach and as a result one feels vomiting sensation. These are regular symptoms If you begin trek very fast, So its signal for you to slow down. Better Way to do trek is GO SLOW BUT AT STEADY PACE. Do not compete with any one, just try and observe the nature around you, Try and relax mentally, Make this a Beautiful experience.

  • The Ruck-Sack that you carry must be adjusted to comfortable level , Its shoulder straps should not be very tight or very loose, Both straps should be adjusted equally , Your sack should be big enough to accommodate At least TWO WATER BOTTLES and a TIFFIN ,and your personal accessories.

  • It is advisable to carry WIND CHEATER but it is not advisable to wear it while trekking, while trekking our body produces solid heat and to regulate that heated muscles our body sweats profusely ,and in humid atmosphere it hot and perspiring situation and we aggravate it by wearing wind cheater, all in all It leads towards suffocated feeling, so our advise is to keep wind cheater in your sack, and wear it only when you take a long halt , because that is the time when your body starts cooling down, Once you reach on top or after gaining reasonable height, when you stop your body cools down very quickly, in just a matter of 15-20 minuets Your body transits from "Feeling very hot" to" Shivering cold" , This is where one must use wind cheater to maintain body temperature normal. Once you reach on top Drink as much as water as you can because the trekking time of 2 hours can sap out two litters of water through sweat alone, and soon if you will not replenish that amount of liquid, you will start getting cramps. It is good idea to drink ELECTRAL powder with 1 litter of water. To avoid dehydration ,Thumb rule is to sip on water at regular intervals.

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