Yateen Gharat
Yateen Gharat

Sachin Mayekar



  • Decisions of Leaders Is final and Binding to all.

  • Intoxication of any kind is strictly prohibited and shall be treated as serious offence should any participant found in indulging any such activity, and shall be EXPELLED FROM ONGOING TREK without assigning any reason or Monitory refund.

  • Out Door Adventure Management or any of its staff or Office bearer Shall not be held responsible for any Accident ( due to unforeseen circumstances or Natural calamities.) occurring during transportation or Trekking. {We have managed this activities for past 20 years without any Incidents or Accidents, Safety Is our prime priority.}

  • Use of BAD language or BAD words , instigating or insulting remarks directed towards any individual or group is strictly prohibited. Participant might be expelled if he does not heed initial three warnings.

  • Participants are requested not to wear or carry HIGH VALUE objects such as Gold ring/Bracelets/Gold chains/Ear rings and any other valuables such as Costly mobile phones, Digital cameras or any costly Gadget. There is chance in rainy weather an instrument might get damaged or simply in an excitement of trek one might forget or misplace the same. Also Wearing too many gold ornaments in rural area might attract undue attention from Locals

  • Trekking must be done using SPORTS SHOES , because Trekking rout always pass through moderate jungle,rocky patches, mud and moss ridden rocks and full of thorny shrubs and plants.

  • Littering around trekking area is strictly prohibited, Plastic contamination en -rout to trek, on top of the mountain or any where during entire trek is strictly prohibited, Collect all the plastics troubles in one small bag and carry it all the way back to town and dispose it off properly.

  • Chewing tobacco or any tobacco products(or smoking) during trek is strictly prohibited.


"We dont change people, We change attitude."

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