Yateen Gharat
Yateen Gharat

Sachin Mayekar



1. Increased Stamina:- (In fact it builds your stamina gradually) & lasting power.

2. Improved will power:- Through this activity, an average will power goes up right from the beginning, due to constantly handling tough tasks, such as walking in tough terrain, facing fearful situations, continuing in spite of being tired, converting lots of no into yes.

3. Attunement with nature:- While trekking we see nature very closely, we feel very fresh in nature, we are able to understand various plants & how they exist in nature, we come across lot of wild life, various insects, birds & occasionally snakes, scorpions, wild bees. In the end we realize how our eco system is well balanced & coexistent.

4. Sense of freedom:- This is one of the highest human attribute can feel during this activity. It can only be felt, it cannot be expressed.

5. Overcoming fear factor:- When we go in wilderness first time we see our own fear face to face, its because we start realizing the existence of nature in its fuller sense, & it eradicates our wrongly perceived beliefs such as snake will bite & from mountain top we will slip down, there must be some wild creature living in the bushes which will attack & so on.

6. Team work practicality:- This activity can best be experienced with fellow mates, at some or the other point everyone must give or take the help from other. All the activities to be conducted calls for each other's help towards each other. All the experiences, achievements, failures & joys to be shared with each other, thereby building a strong teamwork.

7. Leadership quality:- While going through the entire activity one tends to think logically, practically,& with commonsense. One tends to think for well being & safety of the entire group, one tends to think of collective achievement. Aren't all these one of the few qualities of leaders?

8. Improved observation:- While in nature we tend to observe things more carefully & for what it is, as against otherwise we tend & see what we want to see & not what it is. In nature we tend to perceive the reality.

9. Improved reflection & absorption:- We tend to reflect sharply & absorb information more quickly, because in critical situations questions asked are to be answered promptly & precisely & instructions given are to be understood very clearly.

10. Awareness of self & nature:- During the course of activity ones focus turns inward & process of self awareness is started.

11. Confidence Building:- What comes first success or confidence? we say first comes 'first step'. Then comes a bit of success, which gives confidence, then comes 'strong next step' that gives better success & that builds solid confidence. So we suggest you must take 'first step' for journey towards success. Beginning of this activity is way towards solid confidence.

12. Endurance:- Endurance is the ability to bear under adverse situations & still carry on until the work in hand is not finished. During this activity one needs to undergo tough situations which calls for extra efforts to carry on tough job, which in return makes your mind tough & encourages don't leave attitude.

13. Perseverance:- Perseverance is the ability to continue apparently tough task, which calls for long & steady efforts. It goes hand in hand with endurance & both are extremely important for success in life. In this activity one needs to exercise both mental attribute to reach on top of the mountain, because temptation to give up is always lurking around.

14. Concentration:- This is one of the most valued exercise this activity can give, because one needs to concentrate on many things such as balancing, foot placement, road mapping, sense of direction etc.

15. Positive mental attitude booster:- Being in nature one can't really afford to be negative because everything around you is in vibration of positivity.

16. Active Listening- Positive interaction- Improved ability to grasp:- During this activity one is expected to be absolutely aware of what's happening around & what is being said, or asked to be done.

17. Decision making ability:- This is the activity where one needs to make decision although its tough, but still one must make decision & this is where one realizes the importance of right decisions & wrong decisions, & this is where we can evaluate the pros & cons to make right decision & we also realize we are totally responsible for decision.

18. Tenacity to achieve target-Ability to keep on, keeping on :- This characteristic is tested time & again, because without it one cannot complete the activity, tough situations arise but one must keep on. In the end an accomplishment is worth the hardships one must go through.

19. Improved ability to share, give, helping & care:- During this activity one tends to become aware of the value of sharing, helping & caring for others because this is the activity where the team work is the only thing that works, you tend to help because you are also being helped, you care & share because you experience the same from others & seniors. One tastes the sweetness of giving & caring & sharing.

20. Geographical awareness through map reading & sense of direction:- You have road signs in the city for directions, but in jungle what helps is the sense of direction, awareness of terrain, map reading ability, use of compass & last but on the least is common sense.

21. Increased competitiveness:- One just cant be apathetic or indifferent while in jungle, every situation demands certain degree of competitiveness, though friendly. This increases the Go- power in the participants, which busts the lethargic approach to life. It pumps the adrenaline in the participants.

22. Learn to listen to your inner voice - Instinctive ness - Hunch Development:- We are all guided by our spiritual guides all the times, but we rarely need it, in nature we come very close to our inner self, we can almost hear the inner voice which keep on guiding us through out. Some call it instinct, some call it hunch, we call it inner voice.

23. Ability to learn effectively:-when was the last time we were learning something new & were not bored. This is the activity where one learns very very effectively, because one needs to utilize the same knowledge practically in the very moment.

24. Acquirement of jungle/nature sense:- Once you are in wilderness your sense of judgment changes, your perception alters, your rationale responds differently, we have found over a period of time this is close to premitive survival instinct.

25. Improved ability to tune into other peoples needs:- While progressing through this activity, one needs to tune into other people's needs very instinctively. Because what you go through you see other people also go through the same, and how you feel at that time is invariably felt by others & vice-versa, this property makes us more & more empathizing & understanding towards others. 26. No limit approach:- There are times during this activity when you almost call your efforts off, thinking you just cant continue, but with experienced people like us around we know its just small obstacles one can overcome, hence we encourage & motivate & motivate participants so they achieve target, it is only when you go back to city comforts from the jungles that you realize that on your own you couldn't have done it. But with no limit approach & little guidance you can do it.

27. Increased daring/boldness - Challenge accepting:- During this activity one tends to face fear on every step, but somehow you gather courage & keep taking those bold steps & that eventually increases your daring & result is improved confidence, which prompts you to take more challenges & in the end you win. This attitude carries on in life, which helps in dealing with difficult problems.

28. Camp management:- This is basically an exercise of teamwork where one needs to be resourceful & carry on activity with whatever resources available. Participants learn to be creative while managing campsite.

29. Discipline & its importance for success:- Success without discipline is impossible phenomena, while in the middle of this activity one must be absolutely disciplined, without strict time management & self discipline one cannot achieve target.

30. Time management & its importance:- When you are out in jungles its important to mark & set time attributes, since we belong to city & we start from city & must return to city once activity is over, one must plan precariously the entire schedule of activity, keeping in mind safety, precaution & targets to be achieved.

31. Cooking techniques-Nutritional awareness:- When we are out in the jungle rigorous activity needs to supplemented with right nutritional diet, we spend lot of energy while trekking & we must compensate it with high protein diet. While in the camp we learn to take maximum nutritious diet to comply with high energy expenditure. Same principles of cooking & food preparations can be adapted at home effectively.

32. Rapport building ability:- This is extremely important aspect of human personality, when it comes to interpersonal relationships. One cannot learn effectively without building proper rapport with seniors or fellow participants. In order to understand other people's needs or make them understand yours, proper rapport is very essential.

33. Taking initiative:- Many times we fail because we never get started & it's almost always because we lack initiative. During this activity every participant is compelled to take initiative of some or other kind. The sooner one learns to take initiative the faster grows the level of confidence.

34. Logistics of trekking, hiking, camping:- This is the attribute where one needs to be calculative practically, with few outings in jungles & camps this ability increases substantially.

35. Self reliance:- While at home we are totally dependent on our parents, but once we go out on treks or camps self reliance is activated. One can't afford to be dependent in camps because there is no one to depend on, so slowly but surely one learns to be self reliant & self sufficient.

36. Energy conservation:- Almost always all the participants tend to get tired in the first hour of the activity , because enthusiasm makes them spend more energy than required, but eventually by the end of the activity they all learn subconsciously how to conserve energy, rather their body teaches them how it wants to be treated.

37. Logical/Rational thinking:- This is one of the most important attribute one needs to build up in order to be successful human being. While doing trekking & camping one learns logical thinking although hard way sometimes. By the conclusion of activity almost all the participants know how logic works & what happens if one strays away from logic.

38. Planning & its principles:- We all know what happens when we start of anything without planning, total chaos. The success of this activity depends totally upon precarious planning, without which tremendous inconvenience may be caused & result will be failure in achieving target. Without detailed planning this activity & our life can be directionless.

39. Building relationships:- Our life will be social void without strong bonds we share with our acquaintances, on the treks & in camps, even total strangers need to build relationships because every now & then one tends to give or take helping hand, & every one realizes to be successful, every team member must achieve respective target & its impossible without positive relationships.

40. Empathizing:- As a child we get lot of sympathy & as growing adult we give out sympathy, for others shortcomings or losses. But while doing this activity we encourage participants to empathize with each other & try share each other's feelings & offer suggestions or solutions as per situations.

41. Mental toughness:- This is one of the most enduring aspect of our activity, which sweeps away low confidence, low self esteem, fear & negative attitude, we agree one learns mental toughness hard way. But once you have learned it you are free to explore outer world.

42. Safety consciousness:- On treks, while climbing & descending while passing the treacherous terrains, one faces fear head on. We encourage participants to be safety conscious, not to be afraid unduly. We call this 'Controlled exposure to danger.'

43. Respect for seniors & nature:- In childhood we were taught to respect elders & teachers, while in the course of this activity we teach them why they must respect seniors & they must respect nature. One can learn by only paying due respect to seniors & nature.

44. Creativity:- Often time we were baffled by the curiosity & creativity shown by young participants. We appreciate that & encourage them to carry on creative thinking. This is where kids show their ultimate creative thinking, which helps them in some subjects, such as drawing, crafts, computers & studies.

Physical Benefits: -

1. Improved sense of fitness:- After completion of this activity one feels different height of fitness. Not that muscle power increases overnight but one realizes that human capacity to exert physical power is limitless & that's where one feels confident. 'Confidence of limitless power.'

2. Improved stamina/Endurance:- With few treks & camps one feels that their ability to withstand rigorous physical activity has improved a lot. A kind of effortlessness ensues. When participant undergoes this activity first time their body resists, but when one carries on sheer will power body gradually accepts & eventually body takes it as normal routine, & that's where effortlessness comes in picture.

3. Improved stretching/suppleness:- This activity demands lots of awkward movements of body to which we are not habituated in our routine life, but eventually body accepts it & gets used to it, which improves our stretching & suppleness.

4. Improved sense of balancing:- Trekking, camping & climbing are mainly walking oriented activities. After going through uneven terrain repeatedly one tends to acquire superb sense of balancing, which results in good standing & sitting posture & which conserves lot of muscle energy.

5. Improved metabolism:- Its very unfortunate in today's era that we have more plump/fat young kids than we used to have in 70's & 80's, the reason being unbalanced diet & slowed down body metabolism due to lack of physical activity. Trekking certainly helps in setting the metabolism speed right & which results in lean & healthy body frame.


"We dont change people, We change attitude."

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